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  • Family vacation time! Are you carrying your indispensable tissues? Disney vacation gift set with bath tissue dispenser

    Heard about the march of the tissue paper boxes making their way right down to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL? That’s exactly what has happened and the tissue boxes have now reached the kiddie favorite place too. Families are getting creative and taking the babies tissue roll box from the nursery changing table at home and putting it in their stroller.   Vacationing outside in the heat and unpredictable weather has enough challenges.  Worrying about how to clean up spills, drips, to a runny nose should not distract parents from enjoying the park with their children. Taking tissue holder and dispenser to the park is convenient way to use rolled tissue throughout their day for those sudden cleanup tasks.

    Parents do not have to worry about their little ones spilling juice or melting ice cream on their faces. They are ready to clean up the many mini messes there bundles of joy are sure to make during their day visiting the park. They do not even need to worry about their tissue getting wet during the brief passing rainstorm or running to the bathroom to find it is out of bathroom tissue. With the plastic enclosed base and lid the tissue will remain dry and protected from the predictable afternoon thunderstorms. Something a cardboard tissue dispenser cannot do. The tissue papers are one of the most important bathroom accessories that the bathroom just can’t do without and neither can you!  With this tissue box you always have an extra roll with you.   Now that’s what we term as an indispensable utility item.

    But is that the only importance of the bath tissue holder? Have you ever thought what will happen to the “cleaning jobs” if you are out on a vacation with your little toddler? Being a parent means a constant action of wiping and cleaning to maintain that spic and span baby. When you are vacationing out of home you need to carry your own personal portable bath tissue dispenser that has loads of tissues and is perfect for those clean up jobs.

    Babies and kids love to touch, splash, and wipe things on their clothes.  Without fail, at some point, they will have a runny nose. No worries.  You got this.  Just remove those soft and satiny papers and clean up the muddle. The dispenser is very light and least cumbersome and you can carry it around easily. If you look around for a cloth to wipe up mess, you will forever be washing those innumerable dirty napkins. The messy clothes, the drooling and the food sloshes all around, can be cleaned with the tissue papers in your portable bath tissue dispenser.

    Brighten up your child’s day by customizing the tissue dispenser with stickers of your child’s favorite Disney character.  You can place that attractive cartoon character box right under your baby’s stroller, and now “no” amount of weather upheavals or rainstorms can destroy the crispy soft dryness of your tissue paper. A camping trip or a mountain trek, the napkin holder is your permanent companion, never let it out of your sight, or you are in for trouble. The dispensers can be creatively made by letting your imagination run wild, or you can just pick up the one that lies on the shelf of the home decoration store.

    The stores also have the disposable and portable variety available that can be discarded away in a dustbin when the tissues are depleted. No more tagging along extra baggage on your adventure trips, use, wipe and throw, that’s how to go about it. But please, be careful about the littering, make sure you throw that dirty napkin only in a dustbin or else keep gathering the dirty papers in a poly bag and then discard it once you find a proper disposal place.

    What if you are planning to throw a small bonfire bash atop that mountain or at the beach  with your gang of friends? Planning and preparing the foods for the gourmet fun time meal from your rucksack is not enough. You need to take care of the nitty gritty details here too.  Access to water might be limited and you would like to save the liquid you brought to drink and cook with. Now, you can’t go trudging down the mountain or over the sand dunes to wash your hands as often as you would like. It will take you ages to reach back and your bonfire party will have simmered down by then.  Take a bottle of sanitizer with you to help clean sticky hands and wipe off the grime from your face and hands with indispensable tissue from your valuable tissue box.   Your friends will appreciate your preparedness.

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