The Whipple Box offers a convenient way to use rolled tissue throughout your busy life.

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  • The whipple box rolls through america bath paper towel holder

    What one product cleans the body and the house with equal success?

    Clearwater, Florida – Oct 30, 2014 Husband and wife team Phil and Margaret Hamilton unveil the Whipple Box, a made-in-America portible holder and dispenser that hides a toilet paper roll in an easy-to-carry plastic container.
    Everyone knows bathroom tissue isn’t just for the bathroom anymore. It’s used all over the house to soak up spills, help clean baby messes, remove and apply make-up or nail polish, pick up dead bugs or after a pet, wipe steamy bathroom mirros . . . and much more.

    Yet American households still spend hundreds of dollars each year on other paper supplies. “It doesn’t make sense anymore to buy expensive paper towels, napkins or facial tissues when it comes to cleaning your body or home,” explains Hamilton. “Bathroom tissue tackles the same jobs as other papers cleaners – often even better – and always at a fraction of the price!”

    But no one wants a toilet paper roll unraveling in their car, sitting out on the kitchen counter or nesting on a nightstand no matter how convenient it is. Which is why the Hamiltons got to work creating a holder that conceals the roll and protects it from things like airborne pollutants, liquid spills, pet dander, hairspray and other household allergins.

    “Whipple Box takes the embarrassment out of carrying around toilet paper. Simply place the roll inside the box and stash it in your car; have the container next to your bed when nursing a runny nose; or bring it along on a camping trip for easy cooking clean-up,” explains Hamilton. “The stigma of toting around toilet paper is instantly gone with the Whipple Box. Plus, you can personalize and decorate it any way you like.”
    Whipple Box holds bathroom tissue roll from standard size to Mega rolls and comes in black, white and tan. Find it today at and on Amazon

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