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  • Toddler seasonal allergies Toddler seasonal allergies

    Are you unknowingly rubbing airborne pollutants on your child’s face?

    Every spring the air fills with pollen and it lands on everything including the tissue you use on your child to clean up after an unexpected sneeze.  Their little nose and body certainly can benefit from using a tissue protected from airborne allergens.

    Did you know a child’s body views allergens as a dangerous invader and releases histamines and other chemicals to fight it off.  Seasonal allergies to pollen and grass usually don’t become obvious until a child is about 3 to 4 years old. This is because the exposure to each type of pollen is for only a few weeks each year.  Children can come in contact with allergen by touching, breathing or even eating it and cause symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itching, and coughing.  Toddler seasonal allergies symptoms can vary from mild to more severe depending on their environment.

    Your child may suffer from a runny nose with watery eyes when pollen is coating everything they touch, sidewalks, decks, patio furniture, fence posts, family car and even inside your house.  Rolled tissue placed in a protected holder is more sanitary then regular tissue and it perfect outdoor tissue holder or tissue dispenser for the car.  Every parent should do what they can to protect their pride and joys from any unnecessary discomforts and potential illnesses. This spring will you unknowingly rub airborne pollutants on your child’s face?  Something as simple as using rolled tissue protected from the elements can improve your child’s overall health.

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