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  • Get well gift with paper napkin holder

    Freezing cold and longing to be warm and cozy? The terrible cold weather attacks the bones and the result is often evident in the form of a dripping nose and coughing bouts. Imagine not having to emerge from your warm, snuggly spot to wipe your nose.  Is it necessary for germs spread all around the house in the air so that the rest of the family members fall a prey to the “nasty illness-spreading” microorganisms? Sometimes the simple things can make a difference, and every little bit to help someone feels better does count. What if a close friend of the family ...

  • Disney vacation gift set with bath tissue dispenser

    Heard about the march of the tissue paper boxes making their way right down to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL? That’s exactly what has happened and the tissue boxes have now reached the kiddie favorite place too. Families are getting creative and taking the babies tissue roll box from the nursery changing table at home and putting it in their stroller.   Vacationing outside in the heat and unpredictable weather has enough challenges.  Worrying about how to clean up spills, drips, to a runny nose should not distract parents from enjoying the park with their children. Taking tissue holder a...

  • Potty Training made fun using bathroom tissue dispenser

    Need help motivating potty training your toddler?  Make visits to the restroom fun by getting rolled tissue with feature text chosen by you.  Give your child their own customized roll with their name on it or your child's favorite cartoon, Disney character, or sport.  The choice is yours and they will surely want to use the potty.  Just purchase a bathroom tissue holder and fill it with your choice of tissue roll paper. Something so simple can make such a big difference in potty t...

  • Beach Party napkin holder

    Let’s have a snazzy beach party tonight, are you game for it? The idea is appealing and will be grabbed by all your nears and dears in a jiffy. A picnic at the edge of the waters with soft streaky light from the candles is a dream in the hectic lifestyles of the town inhabitants. Stressed out and turbulent existence of people demands a “fun-time break”. Inviting people over for a party means that all their needs to be taken care of. The food, the drinks, the snacks all need to be “just the thing” and the provisions should be sumptuous enough to please all the people venturing out into yo...

  • bathroom tissue holder

    Is it that typically hot, sticky weather and have you just come back from the agonizing hot and tiring tennis practice? Why don’t you get rid of those sweat dripping clothes and head straight into the tub for a nice, long and relaxing bubble bath? For a second forget that it might create a mess when you get out of the bath, just live it up and have that much relished soak, and we promise you a minimum laundry load the next morning! We are going to introduce to you the idea of a fantastic and creatively designed