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  • tissue holder for bathroom

    Why was the tissue holder invented? The only reason for the invention of the dispenser was to protect the in-stored tissue from grit, grime, pollutants, dust and air-borne allergens. Tissue paper is a must to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness in a home. The bath tissue dispenser surely must be the brainchild of a harassed mom who must have got fed up of the untidiness caused by the flaying tissues. The bath tissue holder has a role to perform, it acces...

  • toilet paper holder

    Need to maintain the hygienic standards in your home at all times? You should have a toilet roll, a tissue paper box, napkins or facial tissues at hand always to pass over to your guests, so that they can wipe their messy hands clean. Just imagine how your guests will feel if you hand them a toilet roll instead of a tissue, the moment they spill something on the floor? The toilet roll may be a convenient option if you need to keep your baby’s face clean after a meal, but the roll will look out of place in the dining room, especially, if you have some formal guests, dropping over for tea...

  • bath paper towel holder

    Spilt the coffee all over the table and scared of the mess? Quick, grab a piece of toilet paper and wipe the dirt away and have your table sparkling clean once again. Don’t fear the muddles and the splashes; just reach out for a tissue, from the cool toilet paper holder sitting atop your coffee table and wipe away. The best toilet paper holder is the one that has a design lid with a hinge, which snaps close the moment the tissue paper is torn and removed. This snap down cover will make sure that ...

  • tissue dispenser for car

    Going for a car ride to savor a sumptuous ice cream and scared of the spills on the car seat? Keep your car dashboard full of tissue papers stored in the tissue dispenser for car and pull out a paper towel whenever you need it. Remember that this is the only way to keep your car pristine clean at all times. But exposing the tissues to the pollution may ruin their quality so the tactful and tasteful way of protecting the tissue papers from pollutants and dirt is to fix the tissues in a Post by -->

  • bath tissue holder

    Need to blow your nose desperately? Grab a tissue paper from the bathroom tissue dispenser and wipe away the grime. A mess, a spill, or a splash can be cleared within seconds with the help of the tissue pulled out from the holder. We have to face this fact; tissue is an important part of cleanliness in the house. But aren’t the facial tissues expensive? They are certainly so we have got an alternative for you. You need the same soft spongy paper? Go for the bathroom tissue roll, it’s the same texture; the only thing is that it has been rolled into a toilet roll form rather than being cut in...