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  • Get innovative and book a “Read and Roll” tissue for your toddler or a friend with a strange sense of humor. Potty Training made fun using bathroom tissue dispenser

    Need help motivating potty training your toddler?  Make visits to the restroom fun by getting rolled tissue with feature text chosen by you.  Give your child their own customized roll with their name on it or your child’s favorite cartoon, Disney character, or sport.  The choice is yours and they will surely want to use the potty.  Just purchase a bathroom tissue holder and fill it with your choice of tissue roll paper. Something so simple can make such a big difference in potty training by adding element of fun to enhance their readiness.

    The obvious necessity in our bathrooms is the access to bathroom tissue.  In addition to its space saving qualities and the “wipe-off in time” reasons, the indispensable tissue holder that stacks a wad of tissue papers is growing in popularity. It has been embraced by the bathroom because it is more sanitary than regular tissue with the enclosed base and lid which protects tissue from spills, smoke, sprays, and other airborne debris and contaminates.  So much so, that there has been a growing demand for giant toilet paper rolls, which have been used as a promotional tool for tissue industries!

    Have you heard of the customized tissue papers?  Many online companies deal with customized papers that can be put up in the bathroom.  The tissue paper on which the customized message is printed is extremely soft and satiny to touch and is perfect even for the skin of babies.You will not believe it, there are whacky tissue rolls that have Halloween specials printed on them too. The product is etched with skulls, dragons or pumpkins, you name it and the online companies can do it for you. Mention your specifications and your customized tissues are ready for your personal use and they will be delivered at your doorstep shortly!

    Got a friend with a strange sense of humor? Looking to get them a gift? Have a friend celebrating a diverse?  Get them a roll off tissue with the ex’s name on it. Is there no place for a magazine rack in their bathroom? Why don’t you get them this unique tissue holder and include the “Read and Roll” tissue papers? This will aid those people who are in the habit of reading in the restrooms with a chuckle. Now you don’t have to worry that you have a small bathroom, with a very restricted space, and nothing to read.  You can achieve two aims at once by purchasing a bathroom tissue holder with a Read and Roll tissue facility!

    Do you love to sit in the loo for a long time and browse through your favorite glossy as perform your daily tasks in the restroom? The smart and snazzy designed bathroom tissue dispenser can be fixed onto the wall and right behind the roll there is a slim space to slip your favorite magazine into. Just pull it out and read to your heart’s content and then place it back. At the same time, the tissues can also be pulled out without disturbing the placement of the magazine. You don’t have to clutter your bathroom with the spread around magazines anymore. This multifunctional contraption can actually stun you with its utility. Neat and tidily packed magazines behind the bathroom paper towel holder can even escape the eye, if you don’t peer carefully!


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