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  • Baby Showers and Guests

    Getting ready to help plan a baby shower?

    Baby showers are for women.”  How many times have men heard that?  Well, that trend is changing.  What used to be a “girls club” almost as exclusive as the bachelorette party is undergoing a slow transition.

    Soon to be gone are the days of pink or blue themed, lacy and frilly events.  What are they to be replaced with? Less lace and frills.  Turns out, some of the men want to be involved too.  As our society has shifted to a “Family First” mindset, many of the celebrations and events that have traditionally been gender centric are beginning to realize that it may be time for a change.  Baby showers are no exception.

    Men want to be involved from the very beginning.  From planning to décor to venue choice.  This does not apply to just the expectant father but to husbands and boyfriends of the invited guests. They want to be in on picking the gift and being creative at party games, and you can almost always count on a man to select a gift that will be practical.  They are not going to pick a pair of baby booties or some other such thing that will lose its usefulness in weeks.  They will pick things like changing table pad liners, or safety goggles (if the expected baby is a boy) for diaper changing time.

    The folks that brought you the WhippleBox say embrace this.  Bring them along, let them be the person that passes around the tissues or breaks out the pocket knife when a package needs to be opened. Make them feel welcome and the whole event will benefit.

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