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  • Baby and the Beach Beach basket for baby with white tissue holder

    The Beach.  Sun, sand, warm breezes and water.  The beach conjures up memories of our childhood.  Moms and dads packing up blankets, coolers, towels, sun tan oil (didn’t really know much about sun screen back then) and toys.  Beach time can be a great bonding experience for the whole family.

    What about baby?  Babies have a very special relationship with the beach.  That first trip to the beach will be filled with wondrous new experiences.  The feel of sand, the smell of the sea or lake, the sound of water kissing the shore, and water birds like seagulls or ducks.  This is the first time the baby has experienced most of these things.  Unless you live near the beach, it is likely one of the few times that the baby has been isolated as it were from the conveniences of being at or near all of the familiar conveniences of home.  The tissue holder for car wont be enough to prepare you for the beach.

    Packing for a trip to the beach with a baby does takes some extra planning.  Some things to consider are:

    • SUNSCREEN!!! The higher the SPF the better and apply it often
    • Beach Umbrella or other shade maker.
    • A sealed tissue holder like the WhippleBox: The outdoor tissue holder that will keep out sand and spray out and the tissue dry and clean.
    • First Aid Kit. You never know when a boo boo might happen
    • Extra Towels.
    • Picnic blanket or outdoor carpet. Many babies don’t like it when sand sticks to them
    • And of course; a cooler with food and PLENTY of water

    Taking your baby to the beach can be a fun day of discovery and bonding for everyone. Ensuring you are properly prepared will make the whole trip go smoothly and be as stress free as possible.

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