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  • Adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs Children's health. Adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs.

    Back to school means your child may bring home more than homework raising the need to adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs.  Your children are interacting with other children all day long.  Their interactions are exposing them to exponentially more germs than when school is out for summer.  There are many things parents worry about as they prepare their children for the school year.  They worrying about bus schedules, school supplies, class schedules along with before and after care routines. Adding adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs to your list might not seem important at the time with so many other things to worry about.  Adding it to your list could prevent sleepless nights, missed school or work days, as well as just feeling ill.  Being aware and taking steps to adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs can be helpful.  Preventing transmitting germs, to not only to other family members but to anyone your children may come in contact, starts with following daily preventive actions.

    Coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose are often part of the school year.  Although, coughing and sneezing are not always required for transmission of germs, many diseases are spread through the respiratory droplets.  The droplets spray into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes.  These germs can spread from person-to-person when someone touches a surface with respiratory germs on it and then touches their mouth or nose.  From doorknobs and handles to water fountains and cafeterias germs are lying in wait nearly everywhere for unsuspecting children.   Think about something as simple as using a tissue from a traditional box of tissues.  When you pull out one facial tissue the next one pops out because the items are interfolded.  The exposed tissue sits in the open air and is vulnerable to all airborne contaminates like droplets from a cough or sneeze.  The next person pulls out the exposed tissue, now laced with germs or other contaminates, and rubs it on their nose or face unaware they are exposing themselves to any germs transferred from the exposed tissue.    Sadly, once germs and bacteria get a hold of us, they settle in which is why it is important to adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs. You may wish to consider using tissue protected by the elements and taking other steps to reduce chances of picking up or spreading germs.

    Before the start of each school year, spend time reevaluating the routines and procedures you would like your child to follow.  One of the first steps to Adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs is to encourage your child to follow everyday preventive actions.

    • Keeping their mouths off water fountain spouts
    • Not eating food that falls on the floor
    • Sneeze or cough into a tissue or their sleeves
    • Avoid touching their eyes and keep their fingers out of their mouths and noses
    • Carrying and using hand sanitizer
    • Handwashing with soapy water before and after meals and after using the restroom

    Other suggestions to prevent transmitting germs to family members and building immunity include:

    • Using tissue protected by the elements
    • After using a tissue, throw it in the trash and wash your hands
    • Drink plenty of water and fruit juice with vitamin C
    • Get plenty of rest
    • Encourage family members and classmates to adopt healthy habits to stop spreading germs

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